• I was moved by many comments concerning the swim team issue. I was happy to see the passion and self-motivation on the part of the parents. As I said after the executive session last night, we are taking all these comments under advisement and further investigating the swim situation. We will ask the Parks and Recreation Manager to provide a report at the next regular board meeting, and we will post on our web site, any information about the District’s position or action that comes forward in the meantime.
  • Welcome and congratulations to the new Parks and Recreation Manager, Cory Gambardella. Cory joined our team in March. Also, thank you to the resident that reminded me that we did not introduce her at the board meeting last night. Yesterday was Cory’s birthday. Happy birthday to you, Cory. I was planning to sing happy birthday to you once the meeting was adjourned, but our wonderful and caring residents beat me to the punch.
  • The key-fob system has been restored at CCW.          
  • Jim McGgrady is the candidate, of the three, who will receive an employment offer to become the District’s Director of Water and Wastewater. Hopefully, Jim will start on Monday.

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