Budgets and Financials

As the steward of public funds, Woodmen Hills Metro District is committed to a lean, efficient operation that maximizes the use of every district dollar. Every year, the Board of Directors passes a budget that allocates district monies to various departments and for specific purposes. These budgets rank among the board’s greatest responsibilities. They provide a quantitative representation of the district’s priorities and, by inference, its trajectory.

Since its creation, Woodmen Hills Metro District has benefited from wise financial stewardship. Most recently, in March 2016, the District was able to refinance existing debt from 8 percent to 2.75 percent. By reducing our debt service, Woodmen Hills is now able to undertake major improvements without special fee increases. In our commitment to transparency, coupled with a healthy pride in our financial successes, the District has published our financials and audits for the world to see.