Rates and Fees

Despite the large number and variety of district amenities, Woodmen Hills keeps its rates and fees highly competitive. Twenty years of wise financial stewardship allows the district to offer its residents much more for much less.

One of Woodmen Hills’ advantages is that we provide our own water and wastewater utilities. Not only do we retain control of our pricing, but we have extra incentive to keep costs as low as possible.

Another advantage is that Woodmen Hills provides not only our own residents but surrounding communities with water and wastewater utilities. The more taps we provide, the larger the number of people sharing costs; the larger the number of people sharing costs, the lower their rates.

Woodmen Hills also services commercial customers, both in-district and out-of-district, with water and wastewater.

Woodmen Hills residents pay four types of fees to the district: Water, Wastewater, Parks and Rec, and Streetlights. Unlike surrounding communities, Woodmen Hills levies no property tax.