Weather Policy

We get 300 days of sunshine at Woodmen Hills, but occasionally, weather comes along that puts the “Col…d” in “Colorado.”

In the event of inclement weather, Woodmen Hills Recreation Center East will follow the policy below. As residents can access Community Center West 24/7 with keycards, that facility is immune to delays and closures.

Monday through Friday

When Falcon School District 49 goes on a 2-hour delay due to inclement weather, Recreation Center East will also be on a 2-hour delay and will not open until 8:30 am. Any fitness class scheduled to begin at 8 am or earlier will be cancelled.

When D49 is closed due to inclement weather, RCE will remain closed in the morning, with all morning fitness classes, swim lessons and child watch canceled. The roads will then be reassessed throughout the day to determine whether RCE will open in the evening.

Saturday and Sunday

When inclement weather arrives on Saturday or Sunday, Woodmen Hills Parks and Recreation will assess the roads and decide whether there should be a closure or delay. If there is a delay, RCE’s opening will be delayed opening by 2 hours to 9 am Saturday or 2 pm Sunday.

Updates on RCE delays and closures will be posted on the Woodmen Hills Metro District and Recreation Centers Facebook page here.