Youth Recreation


Participation in athletics plays a valuable role in the development of children. At Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District in Falcon/Peyton, we take this responsibility seriously and strive to offer quality programs that aid in this development.


We have three general rules that guide our approach to all our youth sports programs. First, participation: every player plays, regardless of skill level or ability. Second, positive coaching: we train and encourage our volunteer coaches to help develop a child’s sense of self-worth. Third, sportsmanship: we cultivate a safe, fair, fun, and positive environment based on mutual respect between our young players.

Woodmen Hills offers two soccer seasons, one in the spring and one in the fall. Both of them are open to children ages 3 – 12. We believe that teaching youngsters how to be quick on their feet literally will help make them quick on their feet figuratively as well.

youth-sports-baseballOur tee-ball season is always a hit. It begins in the late spring and extends well into the summer. Ever since its popularization in the 1980s, t-ball has served as the gateway to baseball and softball. Whoever becomes the next Babe Ruth, chances are good he will hit off a plastic tee before he ever hits off a pitcher.

youth-sports-flagFlag football is a fall sport. Like all our other youth programs, flag football is open to both boys and girls. It gives children an opportunity to develop the healthy assertiveness and physical agility of regular football players, but in a perfectly safe and non-threatening environment. Registration for Fall 2020 Flag Football is open now. Residents can find more information about it and sign their children up here

Parents’ Night Out

Parents’ Night Out gives parents a break during the evening, while kids enjoy a more enriching experience than a babysitter could provide. Parents drop their kids off at Recreation Center East, where, from 5 – 9:30 pm, district staff keep them entertained with games, an age-appropriate movie, dinner, and a snack.

Parents can sign up for a night out by calling Recreation Center East at (719) 495-2009.

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