Located just east of Colorado Springs, Woodmen homes-aboutHills offers the conveniences of a major city without the drawbacks. Security Service Field, home to the AAA Sky Sox franchise, Cinemark, complete with an IMAX, and the massive retail complex First and Main are only 15 minutes away, but Woodmen Hills residents can venture in and out of those bustling crowds at will. When you don’t feel like a night on the town, find everything you want right down the block at one of the area’s shopping centers – and, because Woodmen Hills is strategically located just east of Colorado Springs, your purchases are exempt from city sales tax.

Woodmen Hills facilitates a wide range of lifestyles. The district offers sports programs for kids, fitness programs for adults, two swimming pools, two recreational centers, a BMX courseyear-round special events, and close proximity to the gorgeous Antlers Creek Golf Course, where residents can play, without a membership, for a reasonable daily fee.

Homeowners get more bang for the buck in Woodmen Hills than they would get within Colorado Springs city limits. For one thing, the average person is willing to pay more for a house in a crowded, noisy city than on its outskirts, which benefits people who prefer a little space between themselves and the bustling hub. For another, Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District has benefited from wise financial stewardship, so it passes only the most reasonable costs on to its developers, builders, and, ultimately, its residents.

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